Hall of Fame Award

Given in recognition of pioneering and/or lifetime contribution by an individual to water supply or water reuse improvements.


2014 Hall of Fame Award presented to Roy Larson, Bob Petersen and Gene Erickson by Doug Eisberg

Gene Erickson, Roy Larson and Bob Petersen

In recognition of exemplary service to the membrane treatment industry and in appreciation of their support of the American Membrane Technology Association; also for being the founders of Filmtec Corporation working to create and commercialize the FT-30 membrane which shaped the membrane industry through the first commercial success of a thin-film polyamide membrane and for their participation in the AMTA historical interviews.



Gene Erickson, Minnesota
Roy Larson, Alabama
Bob Petersen, Minnesota


Ben Mohlenhoff, Aerex Industries, Inc., Florida
Hany Said, California


Stuart A. McClellan, S.A.McClellan, Inc., Florida


John W. Arnold, Ph.D, Desalcott, North Carolina
Professor James S. Taylor, Ph.D., P.E., University of Central Florida,Civil and Environmental Engineering Institute, Florida


David Furukawa, P.E., Separation Consultants, Inc., California
Professor Julius “Bud” Glater, Ph.D, University of California, Los Angeles, Engineering Dept., California


Donald T. Bray, California
Professor Sidney Loeb, Ph.D., Israel
Seymour S. Kremen, Ph.D., J.D., Presented posthumously


C. Peter Darby, California
John E. Cadotte, The Dow Chemical Co./FilmTec Corp., Florida
John E. Potts, Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc., Florida


Richard G. Sudak, Separation Proccesses, Inc., California
Robert L. Riley, Separation Systems Technology, Inc., California


Ian C. Watson, RosTeK Associates, Inc., Florida


Irving Moch, Jr., I. Moch & Associates, Inc., Delaware


Ed Geishecker, Ionics, Inc., Massachusetts
Lou Beck, Department of Water Resources, California


Neil Cline, Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority, California
Robert Carnahan, University of South Florida, Florida


Floyd Meller, Meller Associates, Massachusetts
Gordon F. Leitner, Leitner & Associates, Wisconsin
Richard A. Smith, Water Desalination Report, Maryland


Walter L. Barnes, Desalting Consultant, North Carolina


Bea Jorgensen, 1985-93 NWSIA Executive Staff, Maryland
Jack Jorgensen, 1985-93 NWSIA Executive Director, Maryland
Langdon W. Owen, 1972 NWSIA Co-Founder, California
William E. Warne, 1972 NWSIA Co-Founder, California